Comment 21 Jun 17

Stagnant Bosnia Awaits its “Macedonian Moment”

Events in Macedonia have shown that genuine change remains possible in this region – but only if ordinary citizens are prepared to lead the way. 

Jasmin Mujanovic
Anti-government protests in Macedonia in 2016. Photo: Robert Atanasoski

Macedonia’s recent change of government is arguably the most positive development in the Western Balkans in the past half-decade.

Montenegro’s simultaneous entry into NATO is likewise encouraging - but Podgorica remains problematically dominated by Milo Djukanovic and his proxies.

By contrast, events in Macedonia have shown that genuine change remains possible in this region and that, above all, civil society is responsible for creating new democratic facts on the ground. 

Accordingly, a great deal of Macedonia’s future success will depend on the architects of the “Colorful Revolution” movement keeping the Social Democrat-led government in Skopje committed to its so far promising agenda.

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