News 16 Jan 08

Srebrenica Report Sent to RS Police

Sarajevo _ The BiH State Prosecutor has informed the police of Republika Srpska, RS about its  investigation into alleged participation in the Srebrenica genocide by 36 RS police officers.

The Prosecutor's Office sent RS Police Director Uros Pena a report on Wednesday on the investigation about the alleged involvement of the officers who were suspended from the RS police by High Representative Miroslav Lajcak in July 2007.

"We expect Mr. Pena to take certain steps in accordance with his competencies," David Schwandiman, Chief of the War Crimes Section of the BiH Prosecutor's Office, said. "I do not know whether he is going to do that, but I do hope that he will."

Among the 36 officers suspended by the High Representative in July last year was Dragomir Andan, Deputy RS Police Director.
Schwandiman would not comment on the current phase of the investigation or give the names of individual officers mentioned in the report.
At the time of the suspensions Lajcak said there was reason to believe that some of the officers had deliberately given false statements during war-crimes trials. The Prosecutor's investigation, launched in the wake of the suspensions, is still ongoing.
The report sent to Pena includes material evidence and information derived from witnesses' statements. Schwandiman said the report would make it possible to begin disciplinary procedures, "if necessary".
He added that the War Crimes Section would continue its investigation in order to determine whether there are grounds for criminal convictions.
Schwandiman also announced that the Prosecutor's Office War Crimes Section will open a field office in Srebrenica before the end of March. Similar offices may be opened later in other parts of BiH where investigations into war crimes are underway.

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