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All Serbs From Pazaric and Tarcin Were Arrested, Witness Says

At the trial for crimes committed in Hadzici near Sarajevo, a witness claimed that all the Serb men from the area of Pazaric and Tarcin were arrested by Bosniak forces.

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During the cross examination by Mustafa Djelilovic’s defence, Slavko Jovicic, a former prisoner in the Silos and Krupa camps, who is now a member of the Bosnian parliament, said that all the Serb men from the territory of Pazaric and Tarcin, aged between 14 and 80,  were arrested.

The defence lawyer, Vasvija Vidovic, asked the witness whether he knew Bosnian Serbs, Mrakic and Vlaisavljevic, who were members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I saw Vlaisavljevic and Mrakic in the camp, they were with me in the same cell. There you go, they were members of the Muslim army and they ended up in the camp. They were released before me,” said Jovicic, who already testified for the prosecution on September 13 and 27.

The defence lawyer Vidovic claimed that these two men were never detained in the camp, adding that she could list all the names of Serbs who were not arrested.

According to the indictment, Djelilovic was the president of the Crisis Headquarters and War Presidency of Hadzici.

For crimes committed in the Krupa barracks, the Silos camp and the primary school May 9th the prosecution charged, beside Djelilovic, Fadil Covic, Mirsad Sabic, Nezir Kazic, Becir Hujic, Halid Covic, Serif Mesanovic and Nermin Kalember.

The prosecution alleges that a large number of Serb civilians and prisoners of war were held illegally and exposed to inhumane treatment, torture, deliberate infliction of grave bodily and emotional harm or suffering, and that they were denied right to fair trial and forced to labour.

Jovicic said that as a member of the state security he carried weapons which he subsequently handed over.

“Muslim police took my gun, rifle and Motorola [walkie talkie]. However, they left me my Heckler and told me: ‘We’ll let you keep this, you are alone here with the Muslims,” the witness said.

Jovicic explained that he was admitted to the state security service in April 1991, adding that he had no political role in the war events.

The lawyer quoted a part of Jovicic’s autobiographical book, in which he wrote “We founded our own Serb Democratic Party (SDS)”, and asked him if he took part in the founding of the party.

Jovicic said he was not a party member or activist, only “member of the Serb people”.

The cross-examination of Jovicic will resume on October 11.


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