Analysis 06 Apr 17

Serbs Upset by Prospect of Foreigners Buying Land

The deal allowing foreigners to purchase Serbian farmland is meeting bitter opposition from campaigners who say Serbs will become ‘slaves in their own country’.

Maja Zivanovic
Aleksandar Djurdjev. Photo: Facebook/Aleksandar Djurdjev

Although there are still months to go before the hotly disputed change comes into effect, Serbia remains deeply divided over the prospect of foreigners being allowed to buy up farmland.

A far-right organisation, the Serbian League, has already started building pressure on the government to scrap the deal.

With its campaign slogan, “Stop the sale of land to foreigners,” launched last week, the league dramatically warns that Serbs will “become slaves in their own country”, as the head of the organisation, Aleksandar Djurdjev, told BIRN.

Djurdjev spoke of a “tsunami that threatens us if we don’t protect ourselves”, adding: “Due to the poorly negotiated Stabilization and Association Agreement, we are in danger of losing our best agricultural land by handing it over to strangers.

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