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03 Jun 13

Serbian Scientist Shines Online

The revolutionary work and remarkable life of one of the great Serbian scientists, Mihajlo Pupin, will become more accessible thanks to a new virtual museum.

BIRN Belgrade

The virtual museum on the mihajlopupin.rs website shows the amazing journey of the famous physicist and physical chemist Mihajlo Pupin (1858-1935) from his early days in the small Vojvodina village of Idvor to his huge success in America.

Pupin, who moved to America at the age of 20 with only five cents in his pocket, is today known for his numerous inventions, including a means of greatly extending the range of long-distance telephones.

He is also known for setting up a foundation that since 1914 has helped schools in Serbia and Macedonia and awarded scholarships, and for founding one of the oldest Serbian emigrant organisations in the United States, which helps Serbs living in America to maintain their ethnic and cultural values.

The virtual museum is divided into ten sections and highlights previously little-known information about Pupin: the FBI’s files on his work, the charities that he founded, his acquaintanceship with the Rockefellers, and his influence on the telecommunications industry.

The project was initiated by Aleksandra Ninkovic Tasic, with Stefan Djuricic and Damir Vlajnic providing the design.

The museum will include virtual journeys through Pupin’s days in Idvor and in America, his professorial work and awards, a timeline of key events in his life, his biography and scientific work, his contributions to Serbian political life, his collection at Belgrade’s University Library and his charitable activities.

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