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news 16 Mar 15

Serbian Remands Alleged French Child Kidnappers

Three French nationals will remain in custody in Belgrade for 30 days on suspicion of abducting a two-year-old Serbian girl.

Tanjug, Blic


Alleged kidnappers car. | Photo by Beta

The Special Court in Belgrade on Monday ordered 30 days’ custody for one man and two women, all holders of French passports, suspected of kidnapping the two-year-old girl in the Serbian capital on March 13.

The court argued that the alleged kidnappers could flee or influence witnesses.

The three French citizens are suspected of seizing the girl from her mother around noon on March 13 in a street in Belgrade’s Brace Jerkovic neighborhood.

The man who snatched the girl sped in a grey BMW car with foreign plates.

Police blocked all roads out of the capital and after three hours arrested the three suspects when they crashed through a ramp at a toll station on the Belgrade-Sid highway, some 30 kilometres north-west of the capital.

The child was recovered with no injuries. Police believe the alleged abductors were trying to get to the nearest border and get her out of the country.

Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s interior minister, said that the kidnappers had a French passport prepared for the girl and that police were still investigating the motives of the crime and whether the girl was targeted or abducted randomly.

“The kidnappers had French passports so we immediately contacted the French police and learned that the documents were valid and the persons were known to the police there as they had committed a number of crimes before,” Stefanovic said.


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