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news 15 Aug 13

Serbian Princess’s Daughter Takes Revenge on Paltrow Fans

Christina Oxenberg, daughter of Princess of Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, has made waves at a literary event in East Hampton, New York.


Serbs are famous for not taking insults lying down, and the book-writing daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia has proved no exception.

Feeling boxed in at her bookstall at the upscale East Hampton Library author’s night by devoted fans of actor-turned-cookery-expert Gwynneth Paltrow, Oxenberg, according to Thursday’s London Times, countered the demands of the latter’s fans to see their idol by claiming that she herself was Paltrow.

She humorously added that she had put on few pounds and become a brunette for the purposes of a new film role.

After the star finally made her appearance, Oxenberg found herself unable to get back to her own books, and so had to crawl under a table to reach them.

Oxenberg did not take this in her stride, and reportedly then assembled an unappetizing pile of burgers and other meat cuts in the hope of distracting fans of vegan recipe writer Paltrow at the adjacent table.

While Paltrow seems to have been oblivious to the distress that her fans were causing, her fellow writer’s feisty response may have done wonders for sales of Oxenberg’s book of short stories.

Apart from becoming a lead story in the foreign news section of the UK Times, the story has made it into numerous newspapers round the world while prompting a torrent of tweets and emails.

Oxenberg is closely related to Serbia’s royal Karadjordjevic family, though she seems to set little store on this fact.

Her mother, Elizabeth/Jelisaveta, is the daughter of Prince Paul, Regent of Yugoslavia in the 1930s until his ousting in a coup in 1941.

A previous novel of Oxenberg’s, Royal Blue, is said to have appalled members of the clan by drawing heavily on her own experience of family life.

Christina is unrepentant about the latest literary stir that she has caused. “My brilliant ploy worked!!” she wrote on her Facebook page shortly afterwards.

“Now that I have your attention, and for a 10% discount (due to my dastardly artful attention-seeking heist) please buy all 5 of my books on Amazon.com, or for free, peruse my blog at wooldomination.com. THANK YOU!!”

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