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News 01 Dec 09

Serbian Parliament Approves Vojvodina Statute

The Serbian parliament adopted the long-awaited Statute of Vojvodina, which gives the province greater autonomy, with 137 votes in favour and 24 against.

Bojana Barlovac

One hundred and sixty three out of 250 parliamentarians were present at the time of voting. The opposition Liberal Democratic Part, LDP, joined the ruling coalition to support the bill.

"We take this opportunity to thank members of the Parliament of Serbia on showing maturity and responsibility. They have showed that, regardless of political affiliation, they are aware of the responsibility to represent the interests of all citizens, not just the autonomous province of Vojvodina, but also the Republic of Serbia as a whole," Vojvodina parliamentary Speaker Sandor Egeresi said on the occasion.

The statute will come into effect once it gets confirmed by the Vojvodina assembly and published in Vojvodina's offical gazette. The decision for its implementation must be supported by a two-third majority in the provincial assembly.

According to the statute, which is the highest legal act governing the province of Vojvodina, Vojvodina is an autonomous province and an integral part of Serbia.

The law has been months in the making. The Vojvodina assembly adopted on 7 November changes to the draft law.

At the same time, dozens of citizens protested in front of the parliamentary building in Belgrade. The protesters included  the crowd were some parliamentarians from the opposition Democratic Party of Serbia, activists of Socialist movement led by Aleksandar Vulin, as well as members of the right-wing organisation Movement 1389.

For more information, please visit: Serbs Reach Deal over Northern Province’s Autonomy


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