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news 01 Jul 13

Serbian Diva Ceca Attracts Crowd of 100,000

Folk-pop singer Svetlana Raznatovic, alias Ceca, drew a huge crowd of fans when she performed in the Serbian capital for the first time since she was freed from house arrest.


“I feel as great as it’s possible to be tonight, I am a happy woman and everyone I love is here tonight,” turbo-folk diva Ceca told the huge crowd at the concert at Belgrade’s Usce on Friday night, her first in the city since she finished her sentence for embezzlement.

As the hits started rolling, the audience of some 100,000 sang along almost in unison with the Serbian star.

Among the adoring crowd was Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, mayor of Jagodina Dragan Marković Palma and media tycoon Zeljko Mitrovic, the owner of the TV Pink station.

After a marathon session of 47 songs, the audience was still shouting for more but Ceca managed to end the show with a lavish firework display.

It was the first concert that the singer has performed in Belgrade since she was set free from 245 days of house arrest.

She incurred the penalty for the embezzling millions of euros while selling football players from the Belgrade club that she owns, FC Obilic.

In early April 2011, the singer agreed to plead guilty to charges of misappropriating funds generated by player transfers from FC Obilic to foreign clubs and for illegal possession of firearms, in exchange for house arrest and a 1.5 euro million fine rather than jail.

She has owned the football club since the assassination of her notorious mafia boss husband, the former paramilitary leader Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, who was accused of some of the worst crimes of the 1990s wars.

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