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News 06 Aug 15

Serbian Euroscepticism Remains Strong, Survey Says

People in Serbia are less enthusiastic about the European Union than most other EU candidate countries in the region, a new survey suggests.

Sasa Dragojlo
      Photo by Beta

The new survey Eurobarometer by the European Commission, released on Wednesday, suggests that people in Serbia are the most sceptical about EU membership in the Balkans.

About 42 per cent of the people surveyed in Serbia believe that the country's membership of the EU would be a good thing while 22 per cent consider it would be negative for the country.

Around 31 per cent think that it would be neither good nor bad.

At the same time, 58 per cent of the respondents said that Serbia would benefit from EU membership while 30 per cent disagreed.

Of the other EU candidate countries, only Turkey is more eurosceptic than Serbia, with only 33 per cent of respondents supporting membership.

In Albania, 77 per cent of people think that EU membership would be good for the country, according to the survey. In Macedonia, 57 per cent of people support EU membership and in Montenegro, 50 per cent want it.

People in Serbia’s views on the EU have not undergone significant changes over the past two years.

A survey in December 2013 conducted by the European Integration Office of Serbia in December showed similar results.

Around 44 per cent of people thought that EU membership would be a good thing and 26 per cent that it would a bad thing.

According to the Eurobarometer survey, citizens of EU countries are general opposed to further enlargement, with 49 per cent opposed and 39 per cent in favour.

In Austria, 71 per cent of people oppose further enlargement, in Germany 67 per cent, in France 63 per cent and in Finland 61 per cent, according to the survey.

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted between May 16 and May 27 in 28 EU member states, five candidate countries and the Turkish part of Cyprus. Researchers questioned almost 32,000 people.

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