News 04 Feb 13

Belgrade Arrests Serbs for Killing Croat Prisoners

Belgrade’s war crimes prosecutor is investigating two ex-fighters for murdering detainees after the fall of the besieged Croatian town of Vukovar in 1991.

Marija Ristic

The prosecutors’ office alleged on Monday that Zarko Milosevic and Dragan Loncar, former police and territorial defence officers in the village of Sotin near Vukovar, had committed war crimes against civilians.

“Milosevic and Loncar, together with other members of the police and territorial defence, arrested more than ten civilians and detained them in the police station,” the prosecution said.

“On December 26, 1991, they put them in an army truck and took them to an unknown location and killed them with automatic weapons,” it said.

The two men have been remanded in custody.

This is the fifth case that Serbia’s war crime prosecutor has launched over alleged war crimes in Vukovar.

The previous four cases related to the crimes committed at the Ovcara farm,where more than 200 prisoners were executed after Vukovar fell.

Serbian courts have so far found 15 people guilty and sentenced them to a total of 207 years in prison.

The Yugoslav Army and Serbian paramilitary units besieged Vukovar for three months in 1991 following Croatia’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia, and thousands of non-Serbs were expelled when the town fell.


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