News 17 Dec 12

Serbia, Croatia Investigate Dvor na Uni War Crime

The Serbian and Croatian prosecutors have questioned on Monday in the Danish capital Copenhagen, two potential witnesses to the war crimes in the Croatian municipality Dvor in 1995.

Marija Ristic

The Chief Croatian Prosecutor, Mladen Bajic, and his Serbian counterpart, Vladimir Vukcevic have questioned, together with their Danish colleagues, two members of the Danish UN peacekeeping battalion who potentially witnessed war crime that took place on November 8, 1995, in the area called Dvor na Uni.

According to the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office for War Crimes, still unknown perpetrators have entered a camp and killed at least 12 persons.  According to the county prosecution in the Croatian town of Sisak the victims were a married couple and ten mentally disabled people. 

As the crimes took place on the demarcation line between the Serbian and Croatian forces, and as it is still unclear whose forces committed these crimes, the prosecution of both countries are involved in the investigation.

In January this year, both prosecutors questioned four former members of the UN Danish battalion, which at the time was in charge of the Dvor municipality area.

Following the interrogation, the Serbian prosecution released footage from that period which shows uniformed men entering the camp.

Last year, in an interview for a Danish newspaper, one of the Danish soldiers said that the members of the UN battalion witnessed the killing of four civilians in the Dvor na Uni camp, but that under the terms of their mandate they were forbidden to act.

The case “Dvor na Uni” is one of the six cases related to the 1995 Croatian military operation Storm which the Serbian prosecution is investigating. 

During the operation Storm the Croatian army recaptured more than 10 thousand square kilometres held by the Serb forces since 1991, from which most of the Croats had been expelled over four years.

It is estimated that more than 200,000 Serbs fled Croatia immediately after operation Storm.

At least several dozen Serb civilians were killed in the weeks and months after the fighting stopped.


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