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news 04 Feb 15

Serbs Threaten to Quit Kosovo Government

After Prime Minister Isa Mustafa axed Aleksandar Jablanovic as returns minister on Tuesday, his Srpska party is considering pulling out of the coalition.

Una Hajdari


Branimir Stojanovic is deputy Prime Minister in Isa Mustafa's government.| Photo BIRN

Mustafa's decision to sack Aleksandar Jablanovic as Minister for Communities and Returns, after a remark he made in January caused mass protests, has unsettled the remaining Serbian ministers in the coalition government.

The minister had infurated Kosovo Albanians by calling protesters "savages" and after a series of tumultuous protests, Musfa axed him on Tuesday.

Branimir Stojanovic, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, told Balkan Insight that they did not agree with the decision and were re-examining their participation in the government.

“In the coming days, we will decide about our participation in the Kosovo government,” Stojanovic said.

He said that the Srpska List to which he and Jablanovic both belong will be consulting other members of the list, as well as with Belgrade.

“We will definitely consult with Belgrade about what they think about this. After that, we will bring a final decision,” he continued.

The Srpska List has nine seats in the Kosovo parliament, and two remainingministers in the government.

It is part of a coalition government with Hashim Thaci’s Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, and Prime Minister Mustafa’s Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK.

Srpska was formed before the local elections in November 2013, with the goal of putting forward candidates that would ran on a platform supported by Belgrade.


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