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Feature 31 Dec 12

Secret Tips for the Midnight Hour

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone - but here is our ever-so-exclusive list of five sure fire bets for good times as 2012 morphs into 2103.

David Galic

With all of the parties going on in town, the only difficult thing about New Year’s Eve in Belgrade is deciding where to go.  Some people decided on a single club or a house party, some want to mingle with the thousands of locals and foreigners partying at Republic Square, while others aim to roam around the city and check in to many of the clubs and cafes that will let you in without a reservation.

Obviously, we can’t list all of the parties going on this New Year’s Eve - though we have tried to give our readers tips on many of the biggest parties in this issue – but here are five parties that we have expertly picked as sure fire places to find a good time as the clock strikes midnight and takes us into 2013.

If you want to check out the dance party where all the cool kids are going, KC Grad is your best bet. London DJ Pedro 123 will be the headliner, with support by local favourites known as the Mystic Stylez clique and a DJ from Bratislava named Kepikei. Here you will enjoy a good time with the hippest Belgraders to the beat of cutting-edge electronic music. Since the entrance fee is just like it would be on any other club night (€3 before midnight and €4 after), get there early and don’t miss out. No drinks or food are included in this price, but it’s still a hot ticket!

Easily the most creative and exciting city party for several years now, the “Eyes Wide Shut” party continues to increase in popularity each year, with new people raving about it every January.

This year the traditional New Year’s costume party will be held at two locations with four stages and 15 different performers. Depending on when you buy tickets, they will cost €25 to €35. Again, no drinks are included in this price, and you have to buy a mask and cape for an additional €5 if you do not feel like creating your own mask, because you won’t get in without a costume. This is the hottest party in town though, taking place in the Obrenovic Ballroom at Resavska 11 and the Residence of Prince Pavle Karadjordjevic at Safarikova 7, both exclusive locations that do not usually host events. 

If you are looking for a live rock show for the New Year, check out the party at Drugstore. This is an all-new venue that we will surely be writing about in the early months of 2013, so now might be the time to check it out before it becomes the new “in” place.

There will be two stages here, with one for excellent Serbian indie rock bands and the other for DJs, one of whom will be a guest from England. Tickets for the event are €4 in advance and €5 at the door.

Now, here’s an exclusive tip that you won’t get anywhere else. DJs from the neighbouring BlowUp Bar and Brod Bar have teamed up to throw an unofficial house party, which will take place at Kolarceva 8, on the first floor, apartment two. Invitations only went out via Facebook and the crew promises good times and drinks at very reasonable prices that will not go over €2. Check this party out if you are feeling adventurous.

If you want something a little more sophisticated, head over to the Jazz Club Cekaonica. The party will be limited to 80 people and a ticket will cost €25. For this you will get some drinks and appetisers to get settled in and an espresso in the morning. Of course, you will be serenaded all night by the Max Kochetov Quartet, who are very eclectic and will play everything from blues and swing tunes to bebop and modern jazz.

No matter what you choose to do this New Year’s Eve stay safe so that you can continue going out with us in 2013!


KC grad

Address: Brace Krsmanovic 4

Eyes Wide Shut

Addresses: Resavska 11 and Safarikova 7


Addresses: Bulevar Vojvode Bojovica 4

BlowUp Bar and Brod Bar

Addresses: Kolarceva 8, 1st floor, apartment No 2

Jazz Club Cekaonica

Addresses: Vojvode Misica 17/8

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