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Transitional Justice School for Peace in Balkans

In the next ten days Sarajevo will host students from 20 countries in the International Summer School “Tailoring Transitional Justice”, where they will learn about facing the past processes.

Denis Dzidic
Transitional Justice Summer School            Photo by BIRN

The Summer School is organized by the NGO Bosnian Pravnik [Lawyer], with the help of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and will host 30 students that will have an opportunity to learn about theoretical and practical  issues in the field of transitional justice in South-eastern Europe.

Thorsten Geissler, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation director, told BIRN that this project allows people in young democracies in the Balkans come together and talk about facing the past.

“In young democracies it is naturally difficult to build up a functioning judiciary, this is why we want to give support and this is especially important for the young generation“, said Geissler.

„We want to give opportunities to young people to have a dialogue, and give them a venue to have discussions and exchange ideas. I think we have selected a great and promising group that will contribute to success of transitional justice in their respective countries“.

The ten day Summer school is supported by the City of Sarajevo and the Bosnian Croat member of the Presidency Zeljko Komsic.

Sarajevo deputy mayor Miroslav Zivanovic, attended the opening ceremony and said he was proud that Sarajevo will host this summer school and share the lessons it has learned in the past.

“This year Sarajevo marks 550 years of existence, 67 years from WWII and the fight against fascism and 20 years since the siege. Those are all important life lessons which no other city has but Sarajevo. This is an opportunity for young people to learn those lessons and use them tomorrow in the field of human rights and transitional justice”, said Zivanovic.

Davor Vuletic, Special advisor to Bosnian Croat Presidency member, said that Zeljko Komsic was proud to sponsor this event for the fifth running year, because the Summer School will deal with issues “vital for the European and regional legal framework and human rights”.

“We hope that young people, especially in the region, will learn new things, which they can use in the future”, Vuletic told BIRN.

The 6th Sarajevo Summer School will last ten days, during which time 30 students will have lectures and workshops by experts of the International centre for transitional justice, ICTJ, Amnesty International, Council of Europe, OSCE and UN, as well as local and regional professors.

The organizers, from the NGO Pravnik, have said that the school will help participants learn about human rights, which are vital for sustainable development and lasting peace in the region.

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