News 30 Jul 10

Sarajevo Film Fest Hosts Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day at the Sarajevo Film Festival was held on Thursday for the second year in a row, in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aida Sunje
Within the framework of Human Rights Day, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented the DVD version of its project, "Srebrenica: Mapping genocide" at the Cinema City venue.
The project shows the chronology of the genocide in Srebrenica in an animated documentary. It can be seen online at   
The day continued with a roundtable to discuss "Freedom of Speech in Cinematography (Why Am I a Human Rights Activist?)“, with participants including Matthijs Wouter Knol, representative of the International film festival in Berlin; Caroline Ravaud, representative of the Council of Europe; Yael Reinharz Hazan, director of the International Film Festival and Forum for Human Rights in Geneva; and Bosnian director Srdan Vuletic.
To mark Human Rights Day at the Festival several film screenings were organised as well. The movies featured as part of Human Rights Day included "Toumast – Guitars and Kalashnikovs" by Dominique Margot and "S.O.S. – State of Security" by Mishele Ohayon.  
Human Rights Day will also be marked at the official awards ceremony at the closing of the Sarajevo Film Festival, when a Human Rights Award for the best documentary movie from the competition programe will be presented. A €3,000 prize, provided by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be given to the movie that best covers the issue of human rights. 

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