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news 15 Mar 17

Montenegro Denies Russian Rocker Escaped from Jail

The Montenegrin authorities denied claims by Russian heavy metal star Sergey ‘Pauk’ Troitsky that he escaped from a prison near Podgorica where he was serving six months for arson.

Dusica Tomovic
 Sergey ‘Pauk’ Troitsky claimed that he escaped from a jail in Podgorica. Photo: Youtube screenshot.

Montenegro’s Justice Ministry has dismissed stories posted on social media by controversial Russian heavy metal bandleader Sergey ‘Pauk’ Troitsky claiming that he escaped from a jail in Podgorica.

The Justice Ministry told BIRN that Troitsky, known in Russia under his stage name Pauk (Spider), was in detention from September 5 last year until February 28, when he was freed by a court.

“On February 28, Troitsky’s detention was revoked because he was acquitted of the charges by a verdict of the Basic Court in Bar,” Justice Ministry spokesperson Djina Popovic said.

Trotsky, who leads the group Korrozia Mettala, wrote on Facebook on March 6 that he escaped from “a secret underground prison” in Montenegro.

The musician also said he fled from Montenegro to Italy with the help of “the Turkish mafia and [Serb] veterans of the Kosovo war”.

He also thanked “Russians in Albania, Italy, Serbia and Croatia” for their assistance.

His wife also told Russian news agency RIA Novosti that he fled to Italy.

Troitsky was arrested in Montenegro on September 3, 2016, after the house where he was staying in the coastal town of Bar burned down.

Under the court’s first-instance judgment, he was sentenced to five years in prison. 

The musician pleaded not guilty and the sentence was later reduced to 10 months.

His legal representatives then filed a new appeal and he was cleared and released.

The news of his alleged jailbreak made headlines in Moscow.

On March 13, RIA Novosti reported that the bandleader plans to sue Montenegro for unlawful detention, demanding “tens of thousands of euros”.

The news agency quoted his daughter Catherine Trinity as saying Troitsky wass in Russia now and preparing to return to the stage.

“Besides, father is preparing the release memoirs from the prison, written while he was in custody,” she said. 

On March 6, Troitsky wrote on Facebook that the “breakout from Montenegro was successful”, comparing the prison near Podgorica to the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay.

“Super respect - veterans of Kosovo 99, without your participation this would not have happened,” he added. 

Since he returned to Moscow, Troitsky has taken to Facebook several more times to share his “escape experiences” and quote his fellow prison inmates from Podgorica.

In the late Soviet years, Troitsky’s band became notorious for their lyrics which seen as provocative under the Communist regime.

For their live shows, the band engaged strippers to dance on stage and used ‘satanic’ visuals and pyrotechnics. 

In the 1990s, the band continued to court shock with politically satirical lyrics and Troitsky even decided to run for mayor of Moscow in 1993. 

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