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News 24 Jun 13

Montenegro Bus Crash Kills 18 Passengers

Eighteen people were killed and 29 more were injured when a Romanian passenger bus ran off the road into a gorge in central Montenegro on Sunday.


The bus which was carrying 46 passengers swerved off the road and fell into the Moraca gorge at around 5pm on Sunday, killing 18 and injuring 29 more, local media reported.

Apart from the passengers, one person who was passing by was also injured.

"This is a tragic event which cannot leave anyone indifferent. It has been a decade since such a tragedy occurred on Montenegrin roads," said Rasko Konjevic, Montenegro's interior minister.

Locals gathered to help police and soldiers as they struggled to save the injured passangers and retrieve the bodies of those who died.

Members of a mountaineering club from Podgorica were among the first to arrive at the scene after the accident.

"People were falling out from the bus. The rescue service used motor saws to make a way towards the passengers," said one of the mountaineers, Zarko Lakic.

Within three hours, more than 100 people had gathered in front of Montenegro's Clinical Centre to donate blood and help save the lives of the injured passengers.

By 10pm, the bodies of three passengers were still stuck amid the rocks in the canyon where the bus crashed, about 30 metres below the road.

Mihail Florovic, the Romanian ambassador to Podgorica, confirmed that the bus belonged to a Romanian company.

However it is not yet known whether all the passengers were Romanian citizens.

"Tomorrow the pathology service will carry out the identification of the passengers who passed away," a poskesperson for Montenegro's Clinical Centre told a press conference on Sunday night.

The Clinical Centre said that it would post the names of the injured passengers on its website.


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