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News 18 May 17

Romanian Media Try to Hunt Down Trump Son

Romanian media outlets are on the lookout for one of President Trump's sons, who is reportedly hunting 40 kilometers away from the capital, Bucharest.

Ana Maria Touma
Donald Trump Jr. is well known for his hunting trips around the world. Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flikr.

Romanian media outlets are desperately chasing one of US President Trump's sons, who has reportedly been spotted on a private hunting trip in the countryside.

The chase started on Wednesday after the mayor of the southern town of Giurgiu said one of the Trump sons might be on a hunting trip in Singureni, a large private domain, 40 kilometres from the capital, Bucharest.

“I’ve heard that the US President’s son is hunting in Giurgiu County and I was surprised because I am also a passionate hunter and I should know a worthwhile hunting fund. I think it’s in Singureni, where we have a private fund that belongs to an association,” Mayor Nicolae Barbu said.

“I know it’s there because some sheikhs came last year and hunted stags; it’s all in the country, it’s a hunting fund of over a hundred hectares. The animals are kept in a fold and they’re released for the hunt,” the mayor explained.

Hunting authority representatives in Giurgiu County could not confirm the information but said none of the Trumps could be out hunting on a public domain because they did not apply for a permit. The region is also host to 11 private hunting funds.

Residents in Singureni told the press they hadn’t seen anything, while the US Embassy in Romania said it cannot comment on private visits.

Media in the city of Cluj said Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, reportedly arrived in town on Tuesday, on a Lufthansa flight and left the airport in a helicopter. Ziarul de Cluj reported that he was accompanied by a team of US secret service agents.

However, Barron is only 11 years old and ProTV insisted that it was Donald Trump Jr., 39, the President’s eldest son, who had arrived on Monday in Bucharest on a private plane before heading straight to Giurgiu County for deer hunting.

Donald Tump Jr is also known for his hunting passion, which he reportedly discovered while spending time with his maternal grandparents in the Czech Republic. He and brother Eric are the children of Trump's previous Czech wife Ivana while Barron is the child of Trump's current wife, Slovenia-born Melania.

Donald Junior drew heavy criticism from wildlife conservation activists in the past, after posting pictures of hunting trophies in Africa on social media.  

He and his brother Eric are currently administering the Trump Foundation.

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