Analysis 07 Feb 18

Romania Urged to Tackle Online Anti-Semitism

As Romanian anti-Semites turn to social media to spread their message – and as the public turn a blind eye to such hate speech – it is time for Romania to face up to its troubled history, experts say. 

Ana Maria Luca

Two soldiers prepare to lay a wraith at the Holocaust Memorial during a commemoration ceremony, in Bucharest, October 8, 2015. Photo: Inquam Photos

The Nazi swastika was not drawn properly but the “Heil Hitler”, sprayed on the wall of the apartment building in a residential district of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, left no room for doubt: this was not an accident.

Anti-Semitic incidents and graffiti like this are not common in Bucharest, especially since Romania adopted laws that criminalize anti-Semitism, but some occur.

In April 2017, some graves in a Jewish cemetery in Bucharest were vandalized.

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