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news 24 Nov 17

Kosovo Police Arrest MPs For Avoiding Trial

Three Vetevendosje MPs, Albin Kurti, Albulena Haxhiu and Donika Kadaj- Bujupi, were arrested on Friday after they failed to show up in court to face charges of letting off tear gas in parliament.

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Kosovo police arrested three Vetevenedosje MPs, Albin Kurti, former leader of Vetevendosje, Albulena Haxhiu and Donika Kadaj Bujupi, at around 10am on Friday in Pristina while they were going to parliament to attend a session.

Warrants for their arrest were issued on Thursday after they failed to show up in court on Wednesday for trial, where they are charged with letting off tear gas in parliament on 2015.

A fourth MP, Faton Topalli, also from Vetevendosje, duly appeared in court on Wednesday.

The opposition MPs let off the tear gas in protest against plans to ratify a controversial deal border with neighbouring Montenegro and establish an autonomous association of Serbian-majority municipalities.

In November 2015, despite then also being the subject of an arrest warrant, Kurti attended a rally and addressed protesters from the stage.

Kurti was then held for 30 days in prison after riot police detained him when they stormed the Vetevendosje party’s headquarters, clashing with its supporters. Around 100 opposition supporters, some of whom who tried to prevent Kurti’s arrest, were also detained.

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