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News 29 Jul 13

Serb Finds Answer to Power Crisis in His Backyard

High electricity bills and routine power cuts have prompted one 79-year-old man from central Serbia to generate his own energy. 

Vecernje Novosti

The wind turbine, which is five metres high and 2.17 in diameter, has been producing electric power in the courtyard of Aleksandar Ivanovic, in Novo Selo, near Vrnjačka Banja in central Serbia, for a year now.

"I used a second-hand dynamo machine and accumulators of heavy construction machinery, and then found and raised voltage converters,” Ivanovic explained to the newspaper Vecernje Novosti.

Ivanovic now produces enough electricity to power basic home appliances, including his TV, stove, lamps as well as heating during winter.

After a long dispute with the electric power company over bills, and power cuts that spoiled all the food in his deep-freeze, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

In his childhood, he recalls, he learned that in his village two winds are blowing intermittently: the northwest wind from the mountain of Goc, and a southeastern wind from the Zapadna Morava river.

No trained electrician, Ivanovic used his own do-it-yourself skills to get going.

“I am still improving the wind turbine," he says, proudly, noting that he has protected his invention with a patent, and will soon build more wind turbines in his courtyard.

He doesn’t have any license, and believes that he doesn’t need one.

"The wind is neither a river nor a mineral resource, so you do not need anyone's permission. I use wind from my own backyard, and it is, therefore, my natural asset, and for that, as well as solar energy, to my knowledge, apart from God's will, I do not need anyone's permission," he said.

He doesn’t need to worry any longer about the “punitive” power company, he concluded.

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