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News 18 Jan 13

Kosovo Police Probe Attacks on Official Vehicles

Officers are investigating mystery late-night attacks that burned three cars belonging to state institutions in Pristina.

Edona Peci Pristina

No one has been arrested yet and the exact cause of the fires remains unknown, Kosovo police said.

“We have to clarify whether they were set on fire or whether an explosive device was put in any of them,” police spokesman Flora Ahmeti told Balkan Insight.

The attacks took place before and after midnight on Friday.

The cars were parked in different areas in Pristina, one in Bajram Bahtiri Street, another in Sali Nivica Street, while the third was parked in the Ulpiana quarter.

In a seperate development, police are also investigating two blasts in the northern, Serb-run part of Kosovo on Thursday.

The first explosion was reported in Sutjeska Street, in northern Mitrovica, at a cafe owned by an ethnic Bosniak.

The other blast was at a motel in Angjellka Neshiqa Street, the property of an ethnic Serb.

“In both cases the explosive device used might be a Yugoslav hand grenade,” police said.

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