Analysis 13 Apr 17

New Shopping Malls Spring Up Across Belgrade

With the aid of foreign investment, new construction projects are starting to bloom in the Serbian capital.

Mirjana Narandzic
Fashion, a 32,300-square-metre shopping mall, will open on April 20 in Belgrade's Višnjička Street and – according to Belgrade Mayor Siniša Mali, it will employ 1,500 people. Photo: Beoinfo.

Belgrade is set to develop a more commercial edge, with plans for at least four modern shopping centres recently being cemented in the capital.

Big Fashion, a 32,300-square-metre shopping mall, will open on April 20 in Belgrade’s Višnjička Street and – according to Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali, it will employ 1,500 people.

“This was an 80-million-euro worth investment, and is just one of many construction sites in Belgrade,” Mali said during his visit to the site on March 22.

Investors say Belgrade has the capacity to develop its retail market, and by constructing the malls, numerous job opportunities will be created in Serbia’s capital.

However, experts remain divided over whether venues could really boost employment levels. They say that opening the shopping malls is on the whole good for Belgrade’s economy and increase low purchasing power.

The new developments follow previous indications that such projects have been gaining increasing traction in Serbia.

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