Analysis 26 Jul 17

New Movement Pledges to Tackle Bosnia’s Old Problems

A new political movement is promising a fresher, younger approach to tackle the corruption and political self-interest that dominates the country’s politics – but many disillusioned voters remain sceptical.

Senad Sepic announces creation of The People’s Independent Block - Movement for Europe. Photo: Senad Sepic Facebook Page

"Young people that are gathered around this particular idea... do not look at politics as a way to make extra profit, and that could be a great advantage for this movement," Ivana Maric, a political analyst from Sarajevo, told BIRN when asked for her opinion about the People’s Independent Block - Movement for Europe.

The People’s Independent Block - Movement for Europe is the new face on Bosnia's stale political scene. It was announced in mid-July in the state parliament in Sarajevo, and its official inauguration is expected to take place in September.

While the party may be new, and although it seems to be attracting some new, young members, its leaders are well known on Bosnia's political scene.

The party is built around Senad Sepic, Fuad Kasumovic, Sadik Ahmetovic and Salko Sokolovic - all former senior members  of the main Bosniak ethnically-based party, the Party of Democratic Action, SDA.

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