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New Indictment for Sarajevo War Crimes Raised

The Bosnian State Prosecution filed an indictment against Branko Vlaco charging him with the crime against humanity committed in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Vogosca in 1992.

Justice Report

The prosecution believes that Vlaco committed crime against humanity between May and October 1992 in the territory of Vogosca and other Sarajevo municipalities, as a participant in a joint criminal enterprise.

The prosecution's statement specifies that Vlaco was the warden of prisoner camps known under names ”Bunker”, “Sonja”, “Planjina kuca” [Planja’s House], “Nakina Garaza” [Naka’s Garage], and other facilities.

“The defendant is accused that, by running camps and facilities for imprisonment of civilians, he maintained a system of abuse of prisoners held in inhuman conditions. Prisoners were being murdered, tortured and abused,” reads the statement by the prosecution.

The indictment specifies that the camp prisoners were humiliated, sexually abused and forced to jump from great heights onto a concrete surface.

Vlaco is charged with “beating and abusing prisoners, raping them in the ‘Kon Tiki’ motel, and knowing about and approving crimes committed by other soldiers, policemen or members of paramilitary.”

According to the indictment, several dozens Bosniaks and Croats were killed when used as a human shield, during hard labour or they were taken in an unknown direction after which they disappeared without a trace.

Some of the victims, said the prosecution, were exhumed after the war, while the remains of the majority of the victims are still missing.

The prosecution proposed examination of 99 witnesses in the evidence hearing, some of whom would be protected, and over 400 pieces of material evidence.

The indictment was passed on to the Bosnian State Court for confirmation.

Vlaco was extradited to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro on January 16 this year and has been remanded in custody since.


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