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news 21 Jun 12

Mostar Plans Sweet Response to Football Rowdies

Locals in the largest Herzegovinian town plan a "choco-solution" to the hooligans who they are feel are ruining their town's reputation.

Elvira Jukic

In response to the usual violent disturbances that football fans made in Mostar on June 19, when Croatia lost to Spain in the Euro 2012 championship, group of citizens has decided to use chocolate to help sweeten their town's rough reputation.

The plan is for people to gather on the central square on Friday, bring their favourite chocolate and share it with other people, to show that Mostar is not "a hooligan city", the organizer said.  

Organizers of the so-called "Chocolate mess" urge locals to gather and "share chocolate instead of punches".

Ivan Rozic, founder of the idea, said he had gathered support in only a few days from several thousand people through the social networking site Facebook.

Some have promised to come from as far as neighbouring Croatia.

“Finally some good news from Mostar,” a comment on a Facebook event said. “Ivan, you did more for Mostar than all the politicians did together in 20 years.”

Many comments on Facebook suggest that everyone should buy some domestic chocolate in order to help Bosnia's struggling economy.

Rozic told local media that the point of the whole gathering is to show that most people in Mostar are good, unlike those who make a mess after every football match.

“I take those affrays hard every time because I am ashamed of those delinquents,” Rozic said. “I am sure I am not the only one.”

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