14 Nov 08

More Kosovo Recognitions 'Soon'

Pristina _ Kosovo's Foreign Minister Skender Hyseni has met ambassadors of countries that haven’t yet recognised the newborn country and has been promised that these countries will seriously consider recognition.
Hyseni has asked Apostolic Nuncio Celestino Migllore, the permanent representative of the Vatican at the United Nations, to take steps to secure Vatican recognition in light of the progress that has been made in Kosovo.

“This would be an important decision for the Republic of Kosovo, because the Vatican is a centre to unify people,” Hyseni said.

Meanwhile, Mozambique Ambassador Filipe Chidumo has stated that his government is monitoring developments, and that it “understands Kosovo’s people’s will for freedom and independence.”

Hyseni said he has received promises of imminent recognition from Micronesia, East Timor, and Oman.

Kosovo declared independence in February 17. Until now, it has been recognised by 52 states around the world.

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