News 23 Aug 12

Montenegro Seeks Containers For Homeless Refugees

Residents of a Roma refugee camp on the outskirts of the capital, which caught fire in July, may have to be rehoused in containers until permanent homes can be built for them in 2013.

Milena Milosevic

A team tasked with dealing with the effects of a fire at the refugees' Konik camp, along with the Public Procurement Directorate, is aiming to provide the camp residents with containers to live in as soon as possible.

The 850 people, mainly Roma refugees from Kosovo, lost their belongings in the fire that swept through the refugee barracks in the suburb of Konik on July 24.

The health of the camp residents should also be strengthened with the procurement of a container for a clinic to operate in, it was stated on Wednesday.

The Roma refugees are temporarily living in tents provided by the Sector for Emergency Situations, the Red Cross and Turkish Red Crescent.

The day after the fire broke out, the refugees protested in front of the government headquarters in Podgorica, seeking a permanent housing solution.

In March, Montenegrin and the EU officials signed an agreement allocating 3 million euro to the Ministry of Labour and Social Care for the construction of 90 apartments and a community centre for people in the Konik camp.

However, construction is planned to start only in 2013.






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