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news 17 Jan 14

Montenegro Papers Protest Against Media Attacks

The Montenegrin daily newspapers Vijesti, Dan and Dnevne Novine published black pages on Friday, in protest over recent attacks on reporters, with the message 'Stop repression of journalists'.

Dusica Tomovic

Opposition newspapers in Montenegro published blank, black pages on Friday, in protest against attacks on their reporters that the authorities have failed to clear up.

"This is what your right to be informed looks like when those who are informing you are victims of repression. Stop the repression of journalists," a message on page three of the daily newspapers read.

The newspaper Dnevne novine printed the same protest message on page 12, while the Montenegrin edition of Blic published it on the second second page.

The only daily newspaper that did not publish the protest message at all was pro-government newspaper, Pobjeda.

The blank frontpage protest was the idea of the Media Syndicate of Montenegro, following a series of unsolved attacks on journalists and editors of Vijesti and Dan.

The protest note on a black background was also posted on web portals of Vijesti, Cafe del Montenegro and PCNEN.

Nikola Markovic, chairman of a government commission examining attacks on journalists, on Friday said he was not optimistic that further attacks could be prevented.

Markovic, who is also deputy editor of Dan, told Balkan Insight on Friday that the assaults would probably continue.

"Judging by the past response of the government to cases of violence against journalists I am afraid that the new attacks will be even more aggressive," Markovic said.

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