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news 05 Apr 13

Nugget Sparks Gold Rush Near Sarajevo

A reported gold find near works on a tunnel near Sarajevo has drawn crowds of locals in search of the precious metal.

Klix.ba, BIRN

While digging a tunnel in the Suhodol area, which is to form part of the future Bosnian motorway, lucky locals from Tarcin, a village near Sarajevo, found a certain amount of gold, the newsportal Klix published on April 4.

The find has started a mini-gold rush at the nearby site, where construction workers deposit stones and trash dug from the tunnel works, which locals then sift through afterwards in search of nuggets.

Safet Habibovic in search of gold / Photo by Nedim Grabovica, Klix  

Klix reported that locals claimed the search started some ten days ago, when one of the construction workers found a piece of gold that he allegedly sold for a sizeable sum.

After the story broke in Tarcin, many locals started going through the stones and dirt, hoping to find the same thing.

Hafet Habibovic told Klix that he sees dozens of men, women and even children going there every day, digging away.

“Is there any gold or not? I really don't know,” Habibovic said. “They come day and night to dig, no matter the weather conditions.”

Franjo Beslic, who lives near the tunnel under construction, confirmed the story, adding that he had heard stories about gold in the area before.

“I heard that gold was dug here in Roman times,” he said, “But as far as I know mercury was also taken from here.”

The Turkish company constructing the tunnel, Cengiz Insaat, has not commented on the alleged find.

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