News 27 Aug 12

Mass Grave Found in the Bihac Municipality

A mass grave has been discovered by construction workers in the town of Martin Brod, in the Bihac municipality in north-western Bosnia.

Justice Report

The workers were digging beneath the ground in order to place a supporting wall on a private estate in the centre of Martin Brod, when they discovered a pile of what they guessed to be human bones. They immediately informed the police about the findings.

Sefik Smlatic, the Minister of Police of the Una-Sana Canton, said that he was shocked by the fact the remains were found in the centre of the town.

Had the police not been informed about it, Smlatic went on to say, it would have been hard to believe that victims' remains had been built into the supporting wall.

The site has been cordoned off the police and the Bosnian State Prosecution and Institute for the Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been informed accordingly.

The unconfirmed reports suggest that this might be a secondary grave containing remains of Bosniak civilians from the Ljutocka Valley.

Additional information will be available once the investigation has been completed. 




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