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Dick Marty Clarifies Organ Harvesting Allegations

Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty, who alleged in a recent report that Kosovo officials were involved in organ trafficking, says he did not claim that Prime Minister Thaci himself was directly involved.

Petrit Collaku

In an interview for, an Albanian news portal in Switzerland, Marty said that ‘if you read my report carefully, I don’t say that Mr. Thaci is implicated directly in the organ trafficking but I say that his close associates are implicated’.

“It’s hard to believe that he [Thaci] never heard about that,” said Marty, who is a Council of Europe rapporteur for human rights.

Marty's report, published in December last year, alleges that a criminal network linked to Thaci summarily executed prisoners and harvested their kidneys to sell for illicit organ transplants, mainly during the conflict in Kosovo in 1999.

It claims that the organ trafficking carried out by members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, and others was part of a broader web of organised crime activities including assassinations and drug dealing, and describes Thaci’s role in the criminal network as akin to that of a mafia boss.

Marty said in the interview that the report does not smear the Kosovo Liberation Army, but that abuse and crimes were committed by certain groups, which should be the target of an investigation.

“In the end, what I wrote in my report is not anything particularly new,” he said.

He said that his report should not be understood as a campaign against Kosovo or Albanian society.

“I know that the search for the truth can cause pain but I never intended to criticise or criminalise a community,” the Swiss MP told

He went on to address criticism from Kosovo that his report is biased and that he publicly spoke out against the NATO intervention in Kosovo and against Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

Marty said that he was against the Swiss rush to recognise Kosovo because his country objected to the manner in which Kosovo declared its independence.

“I don’t question its independence anymore. It is no longer a subject for me. Independent Kosovo, I hope that it becomes truely independent and that it can walk on its own two feet,” Marty said.

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