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news 30 May 13

First Nationwide Serb TV Launched in Kosovo

TV Centar - whose director is a former Orthodox monk - went on air on Wednesday with the mission to better inform the Serbian community throughout Kosovo.


As of Wednesday, TV Centar, a TV station based in the village of Caglavica in Kosovo, is on the air in Serbian throughout Kosovo via cable distributors.

The station is part of the KIM media outlet, which already has a radio station and a news website in Serbian.  

The station's director, Isak Vorgucic, a former Serbian Orthodox monk, said at the opening ceremony on Wednesday that the goal was to supply a need among Serbian people for proper information.

Goran Avramovic, editor-in-chief of TV Centar, said the television will uphold the tradition and reputation of KIM radio, the most cited Serbian language media in Kosovo.

This is the first TV station in Serbian covering the whole of Kosovo since the 1998-99 war. So far, Serbs only had local TV stations in the Serb-populated areas.

Meanwhile, Kosovo's public service broadcaster, RTK, is in the process of founding a new channel in Serbian. Government funds have already been secured for the new channel, Balkan Insight has learned at the RTK.

Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, is overwhelmingly Albanian in terms of demography.

However Serbs are the largest minority and the country has two official languages, Albanian and Serbian.

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