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news 04 Jun 13

Kosovo Broadcaster Launches New Channel in Serbian

Kosovo's public service broadcaster, RTK, has launched a second channel, RTK 2, targeting Kosovo's largest minority communities.


As of Monday, the Serbian community in Kosovo can watch programmes in Serbian on the newly formed second channel of the public service broadcaster, RTK 2.

Although most of the programmes will be in Serbian, Zarko Joksimovic, RTK 2 Director, said it would not be a purely "Serbian" TV station.

"This TV station will also broadcast programmes in the Bosnian, Turkish and Roma languages," Joksimovic said, referring to other minorities living in Kosovo.

Mento Shala, RTK's General Manager, said the launch of the Serbian-language channel formed part of a platform of establishing new channels for the station.

"The idea is to keep programming as apolitical as possible and deal with everyday issues in people's lives," Shala noted.

RTK 2 employs 50 people, including about a dozen journalists, several editors, camera operators, film editors and other staff.

This is not the first nationwide Serbian-language television station. Last week a new specifically Serbian TV station, TV Centar, whose director is a former Serbian Orthodox monk, went on air throughout Kosovo.

Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, is overwhelmingly Albanian in terms of demography. Albanians make up about 90 per cent of the population.

However, Serbs are the largest minority community and a number of municipalities are majority Serbian, mainly, though not exclusively, in the north. Both Albanian and Serbian have the status of official languages in Kosovo.

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