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News 14 Jun 12

Kosovo Privatization Agency Chief Killed in Office

Police are hunting the killer of the head of the Privatization Agency of Kosovo, Dino Asanaj, who was fatally stabbed on Thursday in his office in Pristina.

Fatmir Aliu

Hasanaj succumbed to his injuries in hospital on Thursday after being stabbed hours earlier in his office, Kosovo’s Central Clinical Centre, announced.

Mehmet Maxhuni, director of the Surgery Clinic, said that the victim was hit twice with a knife, causing huge loss of blood.

“He was slaughtered in the neck and the chest…and when he was brought at the clinic, he was in critical condition and unfortunately we couldn’t save him,” Maxhuni added.

Police spokesperson Brahim Sadriu told BIRN that the incident was recorded at 12.20 in Pristina. No arrests had yet been made.

The government condemned the murder as a “cowardly act” and as an assault on Kosovo’s institutions and on the rule of law in the country.

Asanaj led the Privatization Agency for three years and had announced his retirement for this year and return to private business.

The 55-year-old was born in Peja and worked for two decades in the United States. He built a small housing development in the capital, the Pristina International Village, otherwise known as the “American Village”.

All 110 homes in the village have been sold to high-ranking officials, businessmen, famous artists and others. This project cost 25 million.

During and after the 1999 war Asanaj served as the representative of the Kosovo government in the United States.

He was also member of the Board of the Trustees of the National Albanian Council, NAAC, from 1993 to 2002, in Washington DC.

More recently he served as an advisor to the Prime Minister of Kosovo on expatriate affairs throughout the world in 2007-2008.

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