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Kosovo Police Tracks Car Origin in Ivanovic Murder

Kosovo police said that they have identified the origin of the vehicle allegedly used by the killers of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, and are reviewing security camera footage.

Perparim Isufi, Filip Rudic
Pristina, Belgrade
Procession for Ivanovic in Mitrovica. Photo: Sasa Djordjevic/Beta

Kosovo police on Wednesday said they had tracked down the origin of the torched Opel Astra that was allegedly used in the assassination on Tuesday of Oliver Ivanovic, president of a Kosovo Serb party called Freedom, Democracy, Justice.

Police also said they were “collecting, analysing and assessing" video recordings taken from security cameras at or near the scene of the murder.

“Several witnesses have been interviewed and we have received several clues through our safe communication channels set up ... for this occasion - confidential phone line, email, Facebook etc," police said in a press release.

The well-known politician was shot dead in front of his party’s offices in the northern town of Mitrovica on January 16.

Serbian officials declared the murder an act of terrorism and said that Serbia must be allowed to participate in bringing the culprits to justice.

Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin on Wednesday said Serbia was "not asking but demanding" to be included in the investigation.

“If the international community’s representatives are not capable of finding the perpetrators, they should leave it to us," Vulin said during a Wednesday visit to an army base in southern Serbia.

Ivanovic’s murder has been condemned by Kosovo, Serbia and the international community.

His body was laid in state at his party headquarters in Mitrovica, after which it was sent to Belgrade, where he will be buried on Thursday.

Thousands of people paid their respects to Ivanovic in Mitrovica in Kosovo, as well as Belgrade and other Serbian cities.

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