13 Sep 12 Kosovo Marks Full Independence With a Shrug

Kosovo was granted full independence by its international masters on September 10 - but few people in Prishtina seemed interested in celebrating.

By Fatmir Aliu BIRN Pristina

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Serbia-Kosovo Relations: Kosovo Recognitions - Latest Headlines

belgrade-condemns-ahtisaari-over-kosovo news Belgrade Condemns Ahtisaari over Kosovo

Belgrade has condemned the statement from former UN envoy who said that Serbia should be denied EU membership until it recognizes Kosovo.

brunei-brings-the-90-th-recognition-to-kosovo news Brunei Gifts Kosovo its 90th Recognition

Southeast Asian state is the latest country to recognise the independence of the former province of Serbia which declared independence in 2008.

thaci-the-deal-with-serbia-not-ideal-but-its-temporary News Thaci Hails Serbia Deal as Triumph for Kosovo

PM says EU-led deal with Serbia means Belgrade has now tacitly recognized the independence of its former province.

kosovo-s-full-independence-timetable-set News ISG Sets Timetable for Kosovo’s Full Independence

The 25 states known as the International Steering Group have set the end of 2012 as a possible timeframe for the end of the period of 'supervised independence' for the country.

fate-of-kosovo-plane-lobbyist-unknown News Fate of Kosovo Flying Lobbyist Unknown

Five months after pilot James Berisha disappeared in Eritrea during his mission to encourage recognitions of Kosovo’s independence, it is still not know whether he is alive.

eu-conditions-serbian-candidacy-bid-on-kosovo-recognition News Tadic: EU Conditioned Serbian Candidacy on Kosovo

The EU in effect told Serbia to recognise Kosovo if it wanted to obtain EU candidacy, Serbia's President says, adding that this condition remained unacceptable.

serbia-claims-two-nam-countries-revoking-kosovo-recognition news Serbia Claims Countries Cancelling Kosovo Recognition

At least two Non-Aligned countries are revoking their recognition of Kosovo's independence in the light of the Non-Aligned summit in Belgrade, Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic claims.

kosovo-independence-lobbyist-disappeared-in-eritrea News Kosovo Flying Lobbyist Missing in Eritrea

The family and friends of James Berisha, who is flying across Africa to lobby for the recognition of Kosovo's independence, have lost contact with him since August 15, when he went to Eritrea.

serbia-counts-on-non-aligned-summit-to-prevent-further-kosovo-recognitions News New Kosovo Recognitions Alarm Serbia

After mini-wave of recognitions of Kosovo's independence, Belgrade plans a last stand at the forthcoming Non-Aligned Movement summit.

three-african-countries-recognise-independence-of-kosovo News Kosovo Secures Three African Recognitions

Niger, Guinea-Conakry and Benin, three African countries, have this week announced their recognition of Kosovo's independence from Serbia, bringing the total to 80.

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Kosovo Marks Full Independence With a Shrug

Kosovo was granted full independence by its international masters on September 10 - but few people in Prishtina seemed interested in celebrating.