news 12 Oct 17

Kosovo Exhumes Body from Suspected War Grave

The body of a suspected Kosovo war victim was exhumed in the village of Suhodoll/Suvi Do near the northern town of Mitrovica after the remains of other bodies were discovered the previous day.

Die Morina
The excavation in North Mitrovica, Kosovo. Photo: BIRN.

The head of the Kosovo Forensics Institute Arsim Gerxhaliu, told BIRN that a body was found in Suhodoll/Suvi Do on Thursday, one day after the remains of other suspected victims of the 1998-99 war were exhumed in the village.

“Bodily remains were found in six to seven places, while a bit earlier today a body was found which can be related to the last war in Kosovo,” Gerxhaliu said.

He added that the excavation will continue in the area to find out “if there are more or not”.

The excavation has been continuing for two days.

It began in August but was suspended after a request from the family of former Kosovo Prime Minister, Bajram Rexhepi, who died on August 21.

The Kosovo Forensics Institute decided to postpone the excavation to this month because the location was very near the house of former PM Rexhepi, where funeral ceremonies were taking place.

The number of people still missing from the war in Kosovo is 1,658.

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