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news 13 Feb 18

Wanted Kosovo Militant Reported Killed in Syria

Betim Ibrahimaj, who was wanted by the Kosovo authorities for his alleged role in recording an ISIS propaganda video, is been reported to have been killed in Syria.

Die Morina, Adelina Ahmeti
One of the men arrested in the Badovci case. Photo: BIRN

Betim Ibrahimaj, who was on the run from the Kosovo authorities, was reported to have been killed in the conflict zone in Syria on Tuesday.

“Kosovo Police have information from different sources related to the murder of this person,” police spokesperson Bajram Krasniqi told BIRN.

“But because of the situation in the conflict zones, Kosovo Police do not have documentation or official information on his murder,” Krasniqi added.

Ibrahimaj was wanted in connection with a case known as ‘Badovci’, in which several men were accused of going to Badovci Lake near Pristina in July 2015 to record a propaganda video pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

According to the prosecution, they intended to publish the video on the internet to show that ISIS had reached Kosovo.

Initially it was reported that Kosovo police had arrested five people suspected of planning to poison the water supply to the city of Pristina.

While Ibrahimaj was on the run, a court in Pristina in July 2017 sentenced five defendants to prison terms in the Badovci case.

Two days ago, another Kosovo citizen was reported killed in Syria. The Kosovo authorities have been notified that the man was killed on February 2.

With these two latest deaths, the number of Kosovo citizens killed in the Middle East rises to 76.

According to police data, there are 196 Kosovo citizens currently in the Middle Eastern conflict zones, of whom 95 are children and 40 are women.

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