News 24 Apr 15

Karadzic Seeks Meeting on His Worsening Health

The former Bosnian Serb president has asked the tribunal to hold a status conference in June to discuss his health, prison detention conditions and other objections.

Denis Dzidic

Radovan Karadzic has written to the judges of the International Criminal tribunal of the former Yugoslavia, ITCY, asking for a status conference between June 1 and 9 to discuss his health, as he has high blood sugar levels.

Karadzic wrote on Thursday that he also felt “alarmed by the deteriorating health conditions of other detainees in The Hague” and wanted to discuss overall conditions in the Scheveningen prison.

The former Bosnian Serb political chief stated further that he has yet to receive all exculpatory evidence from the Hague prosecutors – and would soon file his 98th motion objecting to disclosure violations by Hague prosecutors.

“Karadzic believes the trial chamber should take a proactive role in ensuring that all exculpatory material is disclosed to him prior to the judgement,” Karadzic said in his motion.

Finally, Karadzic said holding a status conference would be a “convenient forum to update the parties on the anticipated date of the judgment before the parties and the public”.

The former president of Republika Sprska and supreme commander of its armed forces is on trial for genocide in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica and several other municipalities, for persecution of Bosniaks and Croats, for terrorizing the city of Sarajevo and taking UN peacekeepers hostage. The verdict is expected in October.

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