News 09 Oct 12

Guilty Verdicts for Bosanski Petrovac and Prozor Crimes

Two Bosnian courts have brought verdicts in war crimes cases and sentenced Mujo Muharemovic to ten years in prison for crimes in Bosanski Petrovac and Ivan Jakovljevic to six years for crimes in the town of Prozor.

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Muharemovic, former member of 17th Krajina Brigade of the 7th Corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was found guilty on Tuesday, October 9, of the murder of two Bosnian Serb civilians in the village of Sljivari near Bosanski Petrovac.

The Chamber of the Cantonal Court in Bihac found that Muharemovic, together with two members of the unit, took civilians Vlado and Mika Sljivar out of the house, and then, while leaving the yard, fired a burst at them without any reason.

Vlado, who was 92 at the time and his 91-year old wife, died on the spot.

On Monday, a court in Mostar sentenced Ivan Jakovljevic, former member of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO,  to six years of prison for crimes committed against Bosniak civilians in the town of Prozor in central Bosnia.

Jakovljevic, a Bosnian Croat, was found guilty of the murder of Elvedin Konjaric, an underaged Bosniak,  as well as inhuman treatment of Enes Konjaric, who was also a minor at the time.

“In August 1993, Ivan Jakovljevic approached a group of prisoners who were cutting wood for the Croatian Defence Council and asked Enes Konjaric to take off his shirt, and after that hit him hard with a stick. He also fired a burst of fire in the settlement of Zrinjaca at a group of imprisoned civilians which worked on the road, and hit underage Elvedin Konjaric in the back, killing him on the spot,” specified the verdict.

The presiding judge, Slavko Pavlovic,  said that the Trial Chamber took into consideration that Jakovljevic had no prior record of convictions, that he was a father of four, and that at the time that he committed the criminal act he was in a state of significantly diminished responsibility.

“When added to aggravating circumstances – this is after all murder of a child and it is a fact that the accused shot in the direction of several people – the punishment seems in accordance with all the circumstances, both aggravating and extenuating”, explained Pavlovic.

There is a possibility of appeal to these verdicts before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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