news 05 Dec 17

Bosnia Charges Serb Ex-Soldiers with 28 Civilians’ Murders

The Bosnian prosecution indicted four former Bosnian Serb Army soldiers for committing a war crime by killing 28 Bosniak and Croat civilians in the village of Oborci, near Donji Vakuf, in 1995.

Admir Muslimovic
 The Bosnian state court. BIRN.

The state prosecution on Tuesday charged former Bosnian Serb soldiers Branko Cigoja, Zeljko Todic, Sasa Boskic and Milorad Glamocak with the murder of 28 Bosniak and Croat civilians in the village of Oborci in central Bosnia in late September 1995.

The four men, all allegedly former members of the Bosnian Serb Army’s Reconnaissance Squad from Mrkonjic Grad, are charged with committing a war crime against the civilian population.

The prosecution alleges that they took the 28 civilians from a detention facility in Oborci and shot them outside.

Glamocak is charged, on the basis of command responsibility, with having known of the order to kill the civilians but failing to do anything to prevent it.

He is also accused of failing to do anything to identify and punish the perpetrators for the crime.

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