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In Pictures 31 Jan 18

In Pictures: Traditional Bulgarian Embroidery Conquers Arts and Fashion

From jewellery to tattoos and Coca-Cola bottles, Bulgarian embroidery inspires artists and designers to mix modern with traditional elements. 

Mariya Cheresheva

The times when traditional Bulgarian embroidery could have been seen only on national dresses and costumes at folklore fairs are long gone. Inspired by its simple geometric forms and rich colours, more and more artists, designers and fashion brands have turned this type of embroidery into key elements of their arts and products.

Bulgarian embroidery can be seen on a variety of items - from hand-made jewellery, accessories and clothing to tattoo designs, and even labels on a limited edition Coca-Cola bottles.

According to artists and designers BIRN spoke to, the clients’ interest in products and works containing Bulgarian ethno motives has also boomed recently.

“The motives of the embroidery bring together wishes for good health, protection and plentifulness – the most sacred wish of every human being since antiquity,” Christina Georgieva, a Sofia-based tattoo artist said.

“This gives the embroidery tattoo a character of a talisman and at the same time it connects its bearers with their roots and ancestors. This is a way for us to find an answer to the question: who are we?” she added, explaining the increasing interest of her clients in tattoos, representing various Bulgarian embroideries. 

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