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In Pictures 17 May 17

In Pictures: Bulgaria’s 80s Subculture Showcased in Exhibition

A German-Bulgarian exhibition showcasing the vibrant subcultures that were born behind the Iron Curtain has opened in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, bringing new life to the former communist country’s vibrant underground scene that bloomed in the 80s.

Mariya Cheresheva

Thirty years after the first rock concert was held in Sofia, organised by the Young Communist League in an attempt to provide an institutionalized answer to the bustling alternative movements that had captured the city’s youth, a travelling exhibition that gives a glimpse into the alternative movements at the time has arrived in the Bulgarian capital.

Organised by the German Goethe Institut, the travelling Geniale Dilletanten (Genius Dilletants) exhibition widely explores subcultures that popped up in Germany in the decade before the Berlin Wall fell, but also includes a special progamme for the local audience.

Visitors can see a unique selection of archive photos and documentaries from cult locations and events that were popular with Bulgaria’s youth during that era, as well as movie screenings, discussions and concerts, with the entire program open until May 31.

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