Feature 08 Jul 16

Hungary’s Iron Fist Traps More Refugees in Serbia

Imposition of harsh new measures on the Hungarian border is causing a spike in the number of refugees trapped on the border, or sent back to Belgrade.

Milivoje Pantovic

The number of migrants trapped in Serbia is rising fast after Hungary imposed tougher controls on the border with Serbia this week.

Hungary has now decided that any migrants or refugees found inside the country, up to eight kilometers from the border, must be sent back to the “transit” zone behind the Hungarian fence on the Serbian border.

Budapest is deploying police and military helicopters to look for illegal migrants in the border zone, and also using drones, combat vehicles, thermal imaging cameras, equestrian units and sniffer dogs to detect illegal incomers.

Migrants found deep inside Hungary, more than eight kilometers from the border, are also being returned to Serbia.

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