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news 21 Aug 12

Group Plans Yugoslav Radio Television Relaunch

A group of young journalists from southeast Europe plan to relaunch Yugoslav Radio Television, JRT, the station that once broadcast across the region.


The all-volunteer team for the new JRT will broadcast from Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb, Pristina, Skopje, Podgorica, Novi Sad and Ljubljana- the former capitals of the Yugoslav republics and autonomous provinces.


"The basis of JRT is suppression of nationalism," Benjamin Hasanic, 17, of Bosnia, who plans to launch the new station, told SETimes.


The new station will take the name of the JRT, which served as Yugoslavia's public broadcaster until the dissolution of the country in the 1990s.


Zerina Copra, 19, who will report from Sarajevo, said JRT is a chance for people from the former Yugoslavia and its diaspora to have an open communication and co-operation, exchange thoughts and work together while keeping their national, religious and cultural identity. She said the effort will oppose hate speech and discrimination.

"We do not want to relive SFR Yugoslavia, moving country borders, even to be Yugo-nostalgic," she told SETimes. "We want to be a highly professional regional TV channel, which will be able to make better connections among people there."

The new broadcaster will begin with radio reports, and then plans to launch internet video reports by December.


With a focus on the regional perspective, the journalists will cover everything from politics to sports and entertainment with 18 hours of programming per day. The station also plans to support media freedom and development.

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