News 17 Jun 14

Germany Charges Croatia Spy Chief With Exile’s Murder

German federal prosecutors charged former Yugoslav intelligence official Josip Perkovic with involvement in the political assassination of a dissident in Germany in 1983.


Perkovic, who was extradited to Germany in January this year, was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly plotting the murder of Croatian political émigré Stjepan Djurekovic near Munich in 1983, media reports said.

The former official at the Yugoslav spy agency UDBA, who later helped to create independent Croatia’s intelligence service, has denied the allegation.

The case caused a political row because Croatia last year refused European pleas to amend its extradition legislation – a move alleged to have been an attempt to shield Perkovic – until Zagreb was threatened with sanctions by Brussels and reversed its stance.

Another former senior Yugoslav secret service agent, Zdravko Mustac, was also extradited to Germany in April over his alleged involvement in the assassination.

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