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Feature 01 Jul 16

Fresh Escapes From Serbia’s Summer Heat

With another blistering summer already heating up, escaping to one of Serbia’s aqua parks is a great way to cool down.

Ivana Nikolic
Aqua park Izvor. Photo: aquapark-izvor.com.

Serbia’s sweltering summer months can make the city’s streets feel like they are melting.

Some days, when the thermometer creeps up, finding relief from the sticky dog days are all you can think about.

Fortunately, Belgrade has a variety of swimming pools and natural and artificial lakes that offer ways to chill out within the city. But for a true reprieve from summer’s inferno, try a stay at some of Serbia’s aqua parks.

These summer attractions have something for everyone: from smaller, shallower pools for kids to bigger ones for adults; relaxing spas to ease the body and exciting water slide attractions to get the adrenalin going; cool cuisine and hot parties.

If you want a place to beat the heat that your kids will enjoy, Belgrade Insight found four aqua parks within two hours of the capital.
So, put on your swimsuit, smear on some sunscreen and hit the road, and keep in mind that these sites offer a lot more than just cooling water.

Aqua park Izvor

Izvor lies in the middle of the Bukovicka Banja spa, close to the city of Arandjelovac in central Serbia, about an hour drive from Belgrade.

Attractive for both adrenalin-seekers and those who just want to cool down and enjoy the healing spa waters, Izvor offers three mineral water pools. Their numerous water attractions include a rafting slide, a ‘space boat’ and a multi slide.

Their website also boasts of having some of the tallest water slides in Serbia, including one that tops off at 22 metres high. There are also many attractions for kids, including water slides, playgrounds, Kids Freefall, the Penguin Shower and the Clown Shower.

For those looking to relax out of the water, there is a lot of space for sunbeds and a number of bars and restaurants. The park opened its doors on June 17 and their season is expected to run until the end of August or the beginning of September, depending on the weather conditions.

Ticket prices range from rsd500 to rsd1,000 [around €4-€8] depending on whether you visit during the week or on a weekend, and whether you pay for a day-long or a half-day ticket.

Contact: +381 34 700 500 e-mail: [email protected]

Address: Mišarska 2b, 34 300 Aranđelovac

Aqua park Jagodina

Aqua park in Jagodina. Photo: aquaparkja.rs.

This aqua park, located in the central Serbian town of Jagodina, is an hour-and-a-half from Belgrade. It has become one of Serbia’s most popular aqua parks since it opened almost a decade ago. It has several swimming pools and various water features, including slides, children’s attractions and sports fields.

Apart from the pools and other water sensations, there are a number of bars – including a bar in the swimming pool itself – and restaurants where you can have your lunch. The park also hosts regular entertainment events throughout the summer.

It opened on June 11 and its season runs until early September, depending on weather conditions. Ticket prices vary from rsd100 to rsd500 [around €0.8-€4] for half and full day tickets.

If you plan on visiting more often, you can also purchase a monthly pass, which costs rsd1,000 [around €8] for children and rsd2,000 [around €16] for adults.

Contact: +381 35 24 14 53, +381 65 83 17 719

Address: Brace Dirak bb, Jagodina

Zdrelo spa

Zdrelo spa. Photo: ruczdrelo.rs.

The best thing about Zdrelo is that you actually don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy its attractions and healing waters – the spa is open year around.

The spa is close to the town of Petrovac na Mlavi in central Serbia, some two hours’ drive from Belgrade. Zdrelo offers both day and night swimming.

All pools are filled with thermo-mineral water, heated between 30-40 degrees Celsius, which helps treat skin disorders and rheumatic pains as well as gastric problems. The park also has six pools - two indoor and four outdoor- with a variety of water attractions including slides, high-adrenaline tubes and a salt-water pool.

Ticket prices vary from rsd400 to rsd700 [around €3-€5], depending on whether it is a work day or a weekend, while there is also a discount for children.

For a more relaxing, pampered trip, Zdrelo also offers a full complement of spa services like a steam room, salt room and massages for an additional price.

Overnight stays are also possible; you might try the “Castle”, which offers more than 54 rooms and six extraordinary suites.

Accommodation prices vary from rsd2,300 to rsd9,000 per night [around €18-€72], depending on room style and amenities. There is also a camp with so-called ‘love barrels’ which cost rsd1,500 [around €12] per night with breakfast.

You can use a wellness centre for rsd300 [around €2].

Contact: +381 12 330 735

Address: Zdrelo 66, 12300 Zdrelo, Srbija

This article was published in BIRN's bi-weekly newspaper Belgrade Insight. Here is where to find a copy.

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