News 16 Jul 12

Agnes B Helps Children of Bosnia’s War Victims

The celebrated French designer Agnes B. has donated 40, 000 euros to the “Education builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” foundation, in order to sponsor children of victims of war.

Denis Dzidic

Agnes B., or Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé, said during the ceremony held in Sarajevo that she had always been fascinated with Bosnia and that this donation is important so the victims of war are never forgotten.

“I have been connected to Sarajevo for a long time. In 1992 I created two brooches and the income from their sale was used to make aid packages that were sent to Bosnia. I am very touched today and I want to keep helping personally. Today, when the war is over, I want to support educational projects for youth and this is a great honour for me,” said Agnes B.

The executive director of the “Education builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” foundation, Jovan Divjak, wartime general in the Bosnian Army,  thanked the French designer for her donation and said such actions are both “material and moral assistance to Bosnia”.

“This money will be used to support 50 children of war victims and national minorities. These children have disabilities and lack funds but they are talented. We will help with their education,” said Divjak.

Divjak added that the “Education builds Bosnia and Herzegovina” has started working in 1994 and has since given 28,000 scholarships to children of war victims in order to help them finish their education and become useful members of society.

The stipends, according to him are used to buy school supplies, clothes, food, computers and other teaching tools.

Agnes B. is a fashion designer also known for her interest in film. She is a long-time supporter of the Sarajevo Film Festival, and she created the “Heart of Sarajevo” which is given as a special award to the best actors and movies at the festival. 


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